Why Do I Blog?

Lately, with attempting to blog five days a week, I have been thinking more and more about the purpose of my blog. Why do I blog? Is it for myself? Is it to gain an audience and get an abundance of page views? Is it to share things that I find interesting? Is it a […]


My 2016 Fitness Goals

Getting insanely fit (and actually being able to do more than one proper push-up) has always been a big dream of mine. I say dream and not goal because it was just that. I wasn’t working for it. I wished that I could get fit without putting in the hours and effort. I would start […]


What I’ve Been Reading Lately

My reading goal for this year is 26 books which doesn’t seem like much, but when you’re drowning in readings from university reading for pleasure becomes less appealing. Last year my goal was to read 20 books and I just barely completed it. I am constantly falling in and out of love with reading. However, […]


My Ideal Itinerary for Hawaii

Hawaii, my dream destination. After graduating from high school my sister and I were promised a trip to Hawaii as a graduation gift from our parents… four years later and we still haven’t gone. This is a relatively sore spot for us because our older siblings went a couple of times when they were younger, […]


A Bucket List of Museums

After seeing a friends post on Facebook about how many museums she visited this year, I realized that I am sorely lacking in my own museum excursions. As an art history student this shames me to no end. I have felt this way before too. That I really need to get out and see art, […]


5 Happy Thoughts

Sometimes its nice to just sit down – with a cup of tea in hand of course – and write a little list of everything you’re happy and/or excited about. For me, it helps to put everything in perspective and makes me realize the things that are going right in my life (and should do […]